consignment appointments

Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday & open up 7 days in advance, to the minute, on the website only. There are 2 types of appointments (more info below) & both are 1st come, 1st served.

We kindly ask that you limit your appointments to 1 per family, per week. We will enforce this policy to allow all consignors equitable access for drop-offs


NOW ACCEPTING: Fall & Winter Wear & Halloween Costumes (until Oct 16th)

MOST NEEDED ITEMS: Halloween Costumes, Snow pants, Jackets, Fleece, Base Layers, Jogging Pants, Winter Boots

We will NOT be accepting Christmas until after Halloween intake is complete 

  • All consignment is accepted by appointment ONLY
  • Please READ ALL INFORMATION HERE & ON THE CONSIGN PAGE before coming to drop off - you may be turned away if you do not follow the drop off guidelines.
  • If there are no appointments available on the website they are currently all full! During busy times (seasonal switch overs) they book quickly. Cancellations do happen, and those appointments will open up on the website, so check regularly. We DO NOT have a cancellation list.
  • Please fold & pack your freshly laundered items into a maximum of 2 standard sized reusable grocery bags.
  • NO boxes, oversized reusable bags or large garbage bags will be accepted.
  • We do monitor capacity in the store and on occassion there may be a wait to enter the store when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. We do apologize if this occurs, and ask that you wait outside the store until we invite you inside.
  • Once you are permitted to enter the store, you are more than welcome to shop!
  • All consignment policies will be strictly enforced - no exceptions.


Option #1: Stay & Sort Appointment (15 min)

We kindly ask that you limit your appointments to 1 per family, per week

  • Items will be sorted while you wait, and those not selected for consignment will be returned to you. 
  • You MUST remain on the business premises during your scheduled appointment.
  • Appointments are generally offered Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, and most Saturdays (not on long weekends).
  • As it takes 2 staff to offer Stay & Sort appointments your appointment, if you arrive late your appoinment will be asked to rebook.

Option #2: Drop & Run Appointment (approx. 5 min)

We kindly ask that you limit your appointments to 1 per family, per week

  • Items brought in for consignment will be sorted at a later time, and those not selected for consignment will be donated to our charity partners
  • You must book an appointment - but you may drop your items off ANY TIME during the day of your appointment (open-close). The availability of these appointments are generally available Tuesday - Saturday each week.

Why do I need to book an appointment & why is there a maximum amount I can drop at once?

  • We have a small store & VERY small work room, into which we also receive new product shipments - which leads to the next reason -
  • Fire Health & Safety requirements: access to emergency exits
  • Having alloted appointment times & maximum drop volumes allows us to manage the volume of consignment coming into our small space with the fluctuating demand for stock - and get it onto the sales floor quickly
  • Efficiency for staffing, pricing and shopping


By clicking the link below to book an appointment you agree to the following:

  • You have read and understand our consignment policies
  • Showing up late to your appointment, or with items that do not follow our guidelines (MAX 2 standard sized reusable shopping bags) may result in your cosignment not being accepted.
  • No Shows - we understand that life happens but ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are unable to come in at your scheduled time. A habit of not showing up for appointments will result in a warning and then your account being closed.
  • Abuse of staff - on the phone or in-person - will NOT be tolerated and may result in the closure of your consignment account

September/October is OUR BUSIEST SEASON for consignment!

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO OUR BOOKING SYSTEM - You MUST have an appointment to drop off. Abuse of staff will NOT be tolerated.
Appointments are often booked a full week in advance. Cancellations do occur and are immediately released back to the website - we do NOT keep a cancellation list