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We know every child wants to embrace their own style. We bring in new and gently loved clothing so kids and parents can embrace their individual style.  

loop kids shoes okotoks


Kicks, shoes, boots, footwear, whatever you call them, we only accept new or gently used styles for every season. 

Please note, we will only accept in-season shoes for consignment. 


loop kids toys okotokos

play + read

Let kids be kids! Whether educational toys, sensory builders or fun interactive and day to day toys, we only bring in select items that we believe kids will benefit the most from. We also carry a wide variety of books ( - and have a reading nook in our store so kids can enjoy their visit as much as parents do)


loop kids dress up okotoks

dress up

Whether they want to express their adorable style, play prince or princess, or need to be dressed up for a special event. We carry many new and cared for goods to help them look their best! 


loop kids okotoks accessories