ABC of Musical Instruments

ABC of Musical Instruments

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Join a cast of lovable animals as they make music on instruments from A to Z in this perfect first alphabet book.

This book is a fun and innovative way of learning the alphabet whilst also identifying musical instruments. It expands children’s minds through music, creativity and imagination.

Jane Austen, the world-famous author, spent most of her life in Hampshire, England. Its houses, countryside, and people inspired her writing. This book’s design is inspired by the oak leaf pattern on a pelisse coat thought to have belonged to Jane Austen. The coat is in the care of the Hampshire Cultural Trust.

This fun book for babies and toddlers is vibrantly illustrated and includes a host of adorable animals. With lots to spot and see on every page, this is a perfect introduction to the alphabet and music for 0 to 3 year olds. You’ll want to read this book again and again!

"I just love how beautiful they are. And they would make a wonderful new baby gift too."—bookbairn

"If your children love music and are into ABCs right now, this is the perfect book!"—readingwithremi