Le Kkid Imaginaary Fauna Crocodile 7 Piece Set

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Sometimes you see the most outlandish things: An elephant wearing a hat, a crocodile with a long trunk or a camel festooned with the tail of a fish and a propeller. How is that possible? Well, in the land of imagination and creativity, anything’s possible. And where is that place? Where ever children of three years and older give their imagination wings with the Imaginary Fauna Sets by Lekkid from Barcelona. The magnetic beech wood building blocks covered in acrylic paint can be recombined in as many ways as small children have fanciful ideas in their heads. No surprise then that Lekkid was awarded the ‘Spiel gut’ label for their innovations.

Magnetic construction toy can be used to create various figures and shapes. Your child can develop different creativity skills, experimenting with, transforming and combining materials, and thus enhancing cognitive flexibility. Lekkid Imaginary Fauna set is for your child to create, explore, generate, imagine, improvise, invent, modify, relate, transform and adapt.

Material: beech wood, acrylic, magnets
Ages: 3 to 8 years