Mary Meyer Sparky Puppy Character Blanket, 13x13"

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Puppies are always a favourite and a big hit with the little ones. This four-legged friend in neutral colors, soft textured fabric, and a big smile will surely get some tails wagging. The perfect pair- pup and baby. Why we love:
- Gender-neutral design
- Neutral color palette, favourite of parents
- Modern graphic printed fabric exclusive to Mary Meyer
- Ribbed fabric underneath provides tactile interest

Our double-layered blanket has a custom-printed top layer, knotted corners, and a ribbed corduroy reverse side.
- 13x13"
- Stuffed pup sits atop the center of the blanket
- Mary Meyer designed custom playful puppy print
- Wide wale corduroy backing
- Knotted corners provide tactile stimulation
- All embroidered details
- Machine wash, air dry