Nest Designs Bamboo Nesting Baby Blanket, Stars White, 47x47"

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Parents who love our cozy baby nesting blanket made from four layers of buttery soft bamboo cotton. Nesting blankets are versatile, and practical, and can be used throughout the home - whether you lay it out on your living room floor, in the yard outside, or as a baby swaddle blanket. It is lightweight and woven to make it breathable, yet still very soft to the touch keeping your bubs comfortable all day long. The baby blanket also comes with a single matching bub baby cloth that can be used to wipe up quick messes or during bathtime.

- 4 layers of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton blended fabric
- Softer to the touch with every wash
- Lightweight and breathable
- Comes with matching bub for spit-ups or messes

120cm x 120cm