Nest Designs Girls Boy Shorts Underwear 2 Pack Coralife, 4-5

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Our bamboo briefs for girls are perfect for when your little one has graduated from diapers and is ready for big kid underwear. These toddler girl boy short underwear are made from our bamboo jersey blend making them lightweight, breathable, and comfortable against your little one's skin. Your little one who is always on-the-move will love how buttery soft the fabric and the elasticized waistband - all these features made with comfort and movement in mind.

This 2-pack of girls briefs underwear comes from our By the Sea collection. These prints were inspired by the majestic sea fan and blue reef coral of the ocean and how they serve as vital part of marine life.

Your little mover will love putting these cute girls underwear to showcase just how much of a big girl they are!