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What can you consign?


  • Clothing & Shoes seasonally appropriate & manufactured within the last 4 years 
  • Dance Shoes & Leotards (year round)
  • Swimwear (year round)
  • Skates (August - February)
  • Cleats & Shin Pads (February - August)
  • Backpacks
  • Books (appropriate for baby - junior high age)
  • Games (appropriate for children or the whole family)
  • Puzzles (under 100 pieces)

Our General Seasonal Guideline:

  • Fall accepted July - January
  • Winter accepted September - January
  • Spring accepted February - July
  • Summer accepted April - July
  • Halloween Costumes (September & October ONLY)
  • Christmas wear (October - December ONLY)

Drop-off Closures: At certain times of the year we do not accept consignment as we prepare to switch seasons. 

  • Last 1-2 weeks in July - no consignment accepted to prepare for summer/fall switch over
  • 1-2 weeks of January/February - no consignment accepted to prepare for winter/spring switch over

For the most up-to-date information please visit us on Instagram & Facebook.

We DO NOT Consign

  • THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: *This list is not exhaustive but includes the brands we see most often:
    • Athletics Works  
    • Bruin Bear
    • Bum Kids 
    • Canadiana 
    • Cherokee 
    • Circo
    • George (including UK)
    • Gerber
    • Garanimals
    • H&M
    • Joe Fresh
    • Jumping Beans
    • Just One Year by Carters 
    • Kloz for Kids
    • Please Mum 
    • Old Navy
    • Pekkel 
    • Simply Basic
    • Smart Fit 
    • Wonder Nation 
    • Vitamins
    • Carter's, OshKosh, Justice & Children's Place - we will consider these brands under the following circumstances:

      • Items are in perfect condition or new with tags
      • Items are size NB-7yrs
      • PJ's and swimwear in any size are in perfect condition
  • Adult brands
  • Clothing/Shoes that are more than 4 years old
  • Toys of any kind
  • Baby Gear (strollers, carriers, chairs, breast pumps, etc.)
  • Furniture, room decor or bedding
  • Safety items (life jackets, baby monitors, car seats, etc.)
  • Undergarments, handmade items
  • Items that are stained, ripped, pilled, damaged (broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.)

    What are the terms of Consignment?

    IMPORTANT: Consignors are the supplier of the consignment world - this is a business relationship and as such it is important to know and respect the terms you are entering into when you choose to consign. ***These terms are NOT negotiable.

    • We offer traditional consignment - you are paid for pieces AFTER they sell. We do not purchase your items up front.
    • Pricing is set by Loop KidsPricing is based on market threshold, condition and original value of the item. We reserve the right to put items on sale at any time, and to move overstock & end of season items.
    • 35% of the sale price is credited to your account after your items sell.
      • You can use the balance to shop in store (save 10% off your entire purchase price when using $10+ of your consigner credit)
      • Cash your account balance of more than $5 out in cash (or cheque if over $100) within 15 months of your last drop-off. (More info below)
    • Consignment Term is a maximum of 3 months. Terms will be shortened for items consigned at the end of the season. We reserve the right to hold over HIGH END pieces for the beginning of the next year's season (ie. perfect condition Columbia jacket accepted in Jan 2020, may be held over for Sept 2021). Unsold items are donated to our partner charities at the end of their term.
    • Account balances may be checked by calling or coming into the store - NOT via email or social media.
    • Only the account owner, or a written designate, may cash out the account, in person.
    • Accounts that have been INACTIVE for more than 12 months will have balances offered as store credit only (INACTIVE means no purchases or cash outs from the date of last drop-off).

    How do we select items?

    • Our customers love modern, quality, mid-high end brands 
    • Small local/Canadian shops
    • Items manufactured NO MORE than 4 years ago (look for a small label inside that indicates the year and/or season)
    • Our customers love items that are VERY GENTLY USED, and especially those pieces new with tags
    • Size: NB - age 10/12. We will consider brands in HIGH demand up to size 16 (ie. Ivivva, Under Armour)

    We accept on average 30-40% of items brought in for consideration. Decisions are made on above noted factors, and are not personal.

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    Our commitment to you:

    1) To consistently select quality, nearly new items to sell in our boutique.

    2) To fairly price our consignor’s items based on brand name, original retail price and industry thresholds.

    3) To responsibly donate or dispose of items that are found to be unsuitable for sale during our 3 step sorting process, or that have not sold after the consignment term.

    4) To communicate expectations and concerns with our consignors via email, social media and face-to-face.

    Ready to start consigning? Schedule your appointment online now!