Sparkle Tattoo Tattoo Stencils, Going Places Collection

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Every boy loves their cars and trucks - this transportation themed stencil collection is sure to be a hit!
Each stencil measures 2" x 2" and contains TWELVE stencils:
- 2 Fire Truck Stencils
- 2 Helicopter Stencils
- 2 Airplane Stencils
- 2 Rocket Stencils
- 2 Train Stencils
- 2 Race Car Stencils
Please note: All of our stencils are intended for single use. You receive the best results with a new stencil for each tattoo. When using stencils at public events, Health Canada requires that adhesive stencils are to be used only once and disposed of.
* All Sparkle Tattoo Stencil Designs are Copyright © 2015 protected. Reproduction of our stencil designs for private or public use is strictly prohibited. All images are the property of Sparkle Tattoo Inc. for their sole use.